Game on - open call

Training of Multipliers 11 – 19 November 2023, City Hotel Bulevardul Timișoara 46 Bucharest,

Today different gaming methods in learning are getting more and more popular, as they help young people to become more engaged therefore learn easier. In the digital era, there is even more possibilities to use games to facilitate and enhance the educational experience of young people. Unfortunately, most of the times learning is not conscious, people do not realise and reflect upon the knowledge and skills they have gained while playing a video game. Youth workers with the appropriate tools, could help young people, who are already playing video games to reflect on knowledge, skills and attitudes gained by playing a video game.Thus, the project Game On aims to strengthen the capacity of youth workers in supporting young people to develop basic competences, through utilising video games as a tool for learning.
The objectives of the project are:
To develop at least 20 non-formal methods using video games as a tool for learning.
To fight against stereotypes regarding video games and help youth workers realise the potential in using them in their work with young people;
To enable 155 youth workers to use the developed methods and how they can use video games as a tool for learning (25 youth workers during a Training of Multipliers and 130 during the Multiplier Events).
The Training Course
The partners in the project Game On developed a set of activities that utilise video games as learning tools. In this context, a Training of Multipliers is organised to enable youth workers from the partner organisations to use these methods in their work with young people. The trained youth workers will at a later stage in the project organise and deliver Multiplier Events in cooperation with the partner organisations.
The training course will take place in Bucharest (Romania), between 11 November 2023 (arrival day) and 19 November 2023 (departure day).
Participants Profile
The partner organisations shall nominate participants who meet all the criteria below:
1. The candidates are active youth workers from within the partner organisations;
2. The candidates understands the project aim and objective and are willing to include video games in their activities with young people;
3. Following the training course, the candidates fully commit to take a lead in the Multiplier Events.
4. The candidates have a full command of English.
5. The candidates are over 18 years old.
The Venue
The training course will be hosted at City Hotel, located on Bulevardul Timișoara 46, Bucharest.
The accommodation will be provided in twin rooms, each room having a mini fridge, TV, AC and toilet with shower. There is no toiletry, iron, or hair dryer provided. In vicinity there are laundry facilities at a price of 8 euros for a full wash-dry.
How to get to the venue
From the airport, you have the following options:
Taxi: a ride from the airport takes around 45-60 minutes and it costs around 90 RON - approx. 18 euros. Taxi can only be paid in local currency in cash. Uber/Bolt: Download the app Uber or Bolt that allows you to pay for the trip directly from your bank account. The price for the trip is usually around 70 Lei - approximative 14 euros. You are welcome to use one of the discount codes below: Bus: From the airport ground floor, take bus 783 to the Piata Presei stop. (about 25 minutes). Walk 3 minutes until the Piata Presei tram stop and take tram 41 direction Ghencea until the stop “Bulevardul Timisoara” (about 25 minutes). Cross towards Lidl and take the bus 137 or 625 for two stops until City hotel. The public transport is very popular and cheap. We have a 90 minutes open ticket, and the price for the ticket is 3 RON – approx. 0.6 Euro. You can buy the tickets at the ticket office in the vicinity of the bus stop or with a contactless bank card directly in the first bus.
The Programme and Participants’ Contribution
A draft programme of the activity is attached to this info material. Please note that changes in the programme may occur.
We believe that the success of a training course depends on the participants involved. We would like, therefore, to give the participants the opportunity to lead a session during the training wherein they will implement one of the non-formal methods developed by your organisation. This, on one hand, will create diversity and, on the other hand, will give the project team possibility to evaluate whether the instructions of the non-formal methods are clear to other youth workers.
Participants who would like to lead a session are required to stipulate so in their registration form. Materials for the session will be provided by the organisers beforehand.
The training also allows an open space session. Participants are encouraged to use the space to share any best practices related to the theme of the activity or youth work in general. Participants are required to stipulate in their registration form should they wish to lead an open space session.
The EU contribution for the travel expenses per participant is as follows (per person): Country Distance Band EU Contribution EU Contribution Green Travel*
0-99 km
23 €
Denmark 500-1999 km 275 €
Croatia, Turkey
500-1999 km
275 €
320 € France 2000 – 2999 km 360 € 410 €
Distances were calculated with the distance calculator of the European Commission from the location of each sending organization to the venue.
*“Green travel” is defined as “the travel that uses low emissions means of transport for the main part of the travel, such as bus, train or car-pooling.” If you want to use funds for green travel, please consult beforehand with Fora Copenhagen to make sure that the trip is eligible as green travel.
Travel Reimbursement
Participants shall be reimbursed for their travel expenses up to the amount available for their countries and no more than their real costs.
Should the travel expenses exceed the contribution available, the participant/the partner organisation shall cover the extra costs.
To be eligible for reimbursement, the travel should be:
1. Economy class.
2. Arrival at the venue should be no later than 11 November 2023.
3. Departure from the venue should not be before 19 November 2023.
4. Without any unnecessary stops.
The reimbursement will be paid to the partner organisations in connection with their periodical report.
What to bring
1. Toiletry
2. Your laptop (you will need for trying out the activities developed)
3. Gaming consoles (if available)
4. Things for intercultural evening (we will get back to you with what is suggested in this regard)
Should you have any questions about the training course, do not hesitate to contact Ana Vieru at or by phone at + 45 45 34 30 40.

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