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Sæt kryds i kalenderen torsdag den 25. april Fællesspisning i Bibliotekscafeen i Hvidovre. Kom og spis - og tag din nabo med!

Arrangørerne Fora, Headspace og Hvidovre Madfællesskab arbejder på højtryk for at kunne invitere Hvidovre på Fællesspisning. Vi opdaterer her, når der er nyt - og når der bliver mulighed for tilmelding.

Equal Start - projekt om Iværksætteri

Vi søger deltagere til spændende projekt i Indien Vi søger deltagere fra Danmark til at være med til i en 12 dages træning om iværksætteri uddannelse til udsatte unge kvinder, som finder stedt i Indien fra 25.03 til 05.04.2019. Dette projekt er rettet mod personer, der har lyst til at arbejde med marginaliserede unge kvinder i deres lokalområde og tilbyder støtte til forretningsudvikling for samme målgruppe. Du vil finde flere oplysninger om projektets mål og kandidatprofil nedenfor.

Equal Start - Capacity Building in the Field of Youth Erasmus+ programme
Training Course in India, Solan, 25/03/2019 – 05/04/2019
Call for participants
Fora Hvidovre together with our partners from India, Cambodia, and Nepal we are looking for participants from
The project aims to build the capacity of the partner organizations to empower marginalised young women
through entrepreneurship and raise their awareness upon their role in sustainable development and
economic growth.
The objectives of “Equal Start” project are:
1. To develop a Guide for educators in entrepreneurship education that is targeted to reach marginalized
young women
2. To give 20 youth workers from the partner organizations tools for empowering marginalized young
women through entrepreneurship and support their business creation.
3. To promote entrepreneurship and a sense of responsibility among 50 marginalized young women in the
local communities of the partner organizations.
4. To strengthen the cooperation between organizations of Europe and South Asia, and their capacity to
promote women empowerment through entrepreneurship.
The partners will develop a Guide for educators in entrepreneurial education containing (1) non-formal
methods to trigger an entrepreneurial spirit among marginalized young women; (2) information/tools/
methods to support marginalized young women in the creation of small businesses; (3) information upon
the role of marginalised young women in achieving global growth; (4) a further reading list.
Training Course in India
A 12-day training course will be organized in India aiming to train 20 youth workers from the participating
countries in providing entrepreneurial education to marginalised young women. The training course will
raise awareness among the participants and present why is important to do entrepreneurial education with
marginalised young women, give tools to instil a sense of entrepreneurial sense among marginalised young
women and as well as practical experience on developing a business starting from ideas, developing a
business plan, pitching the business idea and secure financing.
The training will be based on the methods and information developed during research phase of this project
and it will imply group work, practical exercises, learn by doing, plenary presentations, as well as
debriefings. The training course will give the partners the possibility to test the Guide developed during
research and apply the methods for the first time.
As a result of the training, organizations will gain youth workers who have competences to do
entrepreneurial education with marginalized young women in their local communities and further support
their business development.
The training course will take place between 25/03/2019 – 05/04/2019 in India, Solan.
Please note that March 25th is the arrival day, while April 5th is the departure day.
The training will be conducted in English and translation will not be provided. Therefore, the participants
are expected to have a good level of English, both written and spoken.
Participants profile
This project is targeting persons who are intending to do entrepreneurial education with marginalised
young women in their local area and offer support in business development for the same target
In order to participate, the candidates should be over 18 years old and must fulfil the following requirements:
• Motivated to facilitate and support entrpreneurial education amoung marginalised women;
• Youth worker, trainer, facilitator, project manager, leader working with marginalised women
• Being committed to multiply the project results and lead activities in “ Start up week”;
• Actively working on raising awareness on marginalised young women;
• Knowledge and experience in working with youth marginalized women is a plus;
• Have availability to attend the entire training period (late arrivals and earlier are not accepted)
After the training, at least two participants will take the responsibility to organise a “Start-up Week”
where marginalised young women are trained to initiate small business.
Participants shall be reimbursed for their travel expenses up to the amount available for their countries and
no more than their real costs. The amounts have been calculated using the distance calculator of the
European Commission from the location of each sending organization to the venue. Should the travel
expenses exceed the contribution available, participants shall cover the extra costs from own resources.
Please note that the travel budget available is to cover travel costs from the participant home all the way to
the venue. The costs exceeding the budget available cannot, unfortunately, be covered from the project.
The travel budget availabe for Denmark is 820 euro/participant. The participant have the responsibility to
buy the flight tickets advance. In order to get reimbursed for their travel expenses, participants shall provide
Fora Hvidovre all the originals of travel documentation and invoices. The reimbursements will be made
through bank transfers.
Venue: The training will take place in Solan, at our partner - RUCHI training centre.
The closest airport is Chandigarh.
Accomodation and food: provided.
Please note that the accommodation will be arranged in shared rooms and the conditions are basic.
Deadline: To avoid that the price of the travel tickets go high and allow the logistic preparation in due time,
please sign up to this training no later than 1st of February and use the participation template when applying.
Safety and Security: According to the Erasmus+ Programme Guide, all participants must be insured against the
risks linked to their participation to the activity.
The participation fee is 100 Euro.
Agenda of the training:
Day 1 – Arrivals
Day 2 – Introduction to the activity, get to know each other
Day 3 – Entrepreneurship as a tool for empowerment and global wealth
Methods in instilling an entrepreneurial spirit
Day 4-7 - Development of a business idea:
Idea generations
Development of business plan
Day 8 - Pitching a business idea
Day 9 - Financial management of a small business
Day 10 – Financing resources
Day 11 – Evaluation
Day 12 – Departure
Participation template
First Name
Last Name
Birth date
Phone number (availabe abroad)
Special Needs (dietary restrictions, food allergies etc.)
The travel starts from (city, village)
Participant's experience as a youth worker (describe)
The participant meets all the eligibility criteria (YES/NO)
The participant wants to contribute to the training activities (optional).
If "yes", how?
Should you have any questions regarding this call, please contact:
Alexandra Raluca Iorgu: popa.alexandra.raluca@gmail.com
Flemming Thøgersen: flemming.thogersen@outlook.dk


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